I recently attended a conference in Lahore on clinical and experiential legal education, where speakers talked about the advantages of these clinics. The primary objective of these legal clinics is to train law students in different practice areas to enable them to acquire and hone practical legal skills so that they hit the ground running […]

Read More → The blasphemous video, “Innocence of Muslims” has riled Muslims around the world and has, once again, sparked the debate over the issue of whether or not a person should have the right to express him or herself in a way and to an extent that he/she likes. Cyberspace has added another dimension to this debate with […]

Read More → The prime minister’s conviction is considered a giant step forward in terms of Pakistan’s strong and independent judiciary’s exercising powers without fear or favour. To this extent, the Supreme Court certainly has set a good precedent for the powerful, influential and corrupt politicians of Pakistan. However, in light of the prime minister’s rather symbolic punishment, the […]

Read More → Recently, while hearing the Reko Diq matter, the Supreme Court directed the Balochistan government to request the International Chamber of Commerce and the International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes to take no further action in the arbitration proceedings while the matter is pending before the Supreme Court. By passing this Order, the Supreme Court […]

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