Our firm has a dedicated department called Legal Services for Overseas Pakistanis (LSOP) that offers services exclusively to overseas Pakistanis. The services offered relate to the following legal matters:


  1. Sale and purchase of residential and commercial property
  2. Disputes regarding residential, commercial and agricultural property
  3. Verification of property title
  4. Rent Agreements
  5. Board of Revenue (BOR) proceedings
  6. Obtaining birth certificate and marriage certificates
  7. Legalization/Attestation of documents
  8. National Tax Number registration
  9. Divorce proceedings and child custody
  10. Succession certificates
  11. Declaration of title for legal heirs
  12. Pakistani Visa for foreign nationality spouses/children



LSOP was envisioned by our firm’s Managing Partner, Mr. Rana Ijaz, who drew inspiration and motivation from his interactions with overseas Pakistanis living in, among other countries, the U.S., Canada, the U.K., France, Germany, Norway and Australia. Over the years, having had the unique opportunity to meet these Pakistanis, Mr. Ijaz has built long-term personal relationships with them. Furthermore, he has had the opportunity to advise and represent a lot of these overseas Pakistanis in connection with their legal matters in Pakistan. In his own words: “I will be very honest in admitting that most of these Pakistanis also happen to be some of my best clients in my entire 50 year career.” It is an indisputable fact that Pakistani expatriates are an invaluable national asset. At the government level and in the newspapers, they are generally admired for the amount of remittances sent by them to Pakistan. However, their contribution to Pakistan is much more than these remittances. Mr. Rana Ijaz is of the view that: “The Overseas Pakistanis feel strongly and care deeply about the problems faced by Pakistan. For me, it is always a pleasure to meet these Pakistanis who are patriotic and very sincere and devoted to Pakistan having, on many occasions, made significant contributions to improve conditions back home.”



If you are an overseas Pakistani and have any questions/suggestions or need assistance in connection with any of the aforementioned matters, please feel free to email us at: